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ACO & AICT are tremendously proud of the impact that we have made in helping our clients by providing quality online services and exceptional digital marketing services. “Aict Pvt. Ltd. is a Software Consulting and Product development company based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. We specialize in delivering solution and product in Business Process Automation, Customize Application Development and Web based Application with success of delivering a high standard of service to many organizations. We share ACO International with American Communications Online, TJ Morris Agency in USA.”

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Our goal is to create assets from our clients’ innovations through patent, trademark and copyright law.  We take great pride in providing quality trademark legal services and exceptional customer service every single day.

Advantages of a Wholly Owned Subsidiary

Wholly owned subsidiaries offer some advantages to the parent company. Companies that must rely upon suppliers and service providers can take control of their supply chain by use of wholly owned subsidiaries. This is a means of vertical integration where companies in a supply chain are under the control of a common owner. For example, a car manufacturing company may have several wholly owned subsidiaries, including a tire company and several different auto parts companies.

Wholly owned subsidiaries also offer an opportunity for companies to diversify and manage risk. Diversification is a means for a company to reduce risk by developing different types of businesses so that if one business or industry isn’t doing well, its other businesses may be able to pick up the slack and keep the company profitable. For example, a computer company may decide to get into the printer business, the television business, and the tablet business and either buy or form a wholly owned subsidiary for each new business. Damage from the failure of one subsidiary will not necessarily be fatal to the parent company.

Similarly, a company can reduce its risk in entering into a new market or industry by using subsidiaries which help minimize the parent company’s exposure. For example, if your company wants to enter into an emerging market that hasn’t been established, it can form a subsidiary to enter the market leaving much of the risk of loss on the subsidiary’s shoulders.

A company may also create or purchase wholly owned subsidiaries when conducting business abroad. Sometimes, a parent company will create a subsidiary in a foreign country because it will receive favorable tax treatment from the foreign government. Alternatively, a parent company may be required to form a local subsidiary in order to conduct business in the country. eThe subsidiary may even have to be formed with a local business partner.


The agents, consultants at ACO & AICT work as a team to exceed each of our clients’ expectations. We have 30+ years of high-level experience helping businesses protecting the time, money and resources spent developing ideas and inventions.

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